Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Pushchair conspiracy

The other day I was nearly run down by one of the latest generation of pushchairs. It was one of the deluxe padding, safety cage, Michelin ZX tyres, air-con... variety. Even more intimidating, it was double-width for twins, and was MASSIVE.

Not that long ago, most push-chairs were of the "fold up nearly as small as an umbrella, except for the wheels, which have a bit of dog poo attached" variety. What happened?

My theory is that it is a conspiracy between push chair manufacturers and the makers of big 4x4s and SUVs. The bigger the baby vehicle, the bigger boot (trunk to US readers) you need. So it's in everyone's interest to expand. Always thought it was a bit suspicious that some pushchairs were made by McLaren. Just wait, there'll be Volvo and Honda ones soon.


St said...

Careful. You could be turning into grumpy old Mike.

Matthew McMurray said...

Could be????