Thursday, June 29, 2006


Yes. The dissertation is all over. 15,842 words plus bibliography. It's very strange having completed it - I feel quite blank and empty, and also convinced it's complete rubbish.

I once heard Sting say he never completed an album, he only ever abandoned them - there are always more overdubs you can do. Sting, I'm not, but I feel I have abandoned this. There are always some more edits you can do, but it's going in warts and all. I can be a normal human being again (well as normal as I get)


emma said...

Well done! I'm all for abandonment, you can spend your life sorting out the minor details of things and you just have to know when to say 'that's enough' and run with it! At least that's my philosophy! Someone suggested maybe I should have spell checked my reports, oh no I thought, then decided I'd trust my impeccable spelling first time round, besides which I don't really care if the parents think it's a disgrace that I can't spell a few words! Rah!

St said...

All this striving for excellence nonsense slows the human race down. Key question, I think, is, 'Is it good enough yet?'

You could do 20 things well enough while someone tweaks a good product trying to make it excellent and in the process ruins it.

Teach your children to whittle and teach them to guess when to stop. Is it sharp enough yet?