Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Bits 'n' Pieces

No, not another excursion into 60s music - I'll leave it there with Arthur Brown. Just that I don't have any deep and meaningful paragraphs to write - too busy with a dissertation to write (15,000 words. about 6,000 in the machine!). However felt the need to provide a brief update on previous entries.

The entertainment posters on the A6 are displaying the local entertainment fare again. This time it's a 'Glenn Miller Sound' orchestra, Country legends (i.e hairy blokes in jeans you've never heard of), something non-memorable, and a band called Talon, who sound like they should be a thrash metal outfit, but are in fact an Eagles tribute band. Take it Easy, fellas.

The garden birdlife has taken on a new a noisy feature - blue tits are nesting just under the eaves of our house. Mum and dad can be seeing ferrying food in and out of an unbelievably small hole in the woodwork under a tile. Each time they do, a chorus of cheeping starts. Just like human families, then?

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