Saturday, May 13, 2006

Time Travel

I love Lancaster. They have panels on the lamp posts to promote productions at local venues - the theatres and the Platform and the Dome at Morecambe. usually it's choral societies and brass bands. However, we also get people who no longer tour the big venues, or who are towards the end of their career. A few weeks ago, as I drove down the A6, I was greeted by adverts for Lena Horne, Bernard Manning and Wishbone Ash. It was as if I had travelled to 1975. We have also had the Manfreds and the Hollies on other occasions.

On a different tack, I attended a recording of Any Questions at College this evening. Didn't get to ask a question, but fascinating. Hardly any students came, although it was recorded at St Martin's College. The process of putting people at ease, giving us confidence in the process, reassuring questioners, and in a relaxed way conducting the programme was a lesson. I wondered if we could learn a lot from them about how to start a church service.
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