Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Moral Dilemmas

The BBC website today put up some sample moral dilemmas with a discussion. All are themed around taking one life to save another (or several others). The one I found really interesting was one about a trolley running down rails, heading for 5 people. You can pull a lever and send it to kill one person (who otherwise wouldn't be hit). Would you? If you would, would you push someone on to the trolley to stop it reaching the 5, even if it meant killing the one?

Tricky stuff, and I'm still deciding. Join in here

On another theme, I haven't logged anything about football. Coming from Nottingham, I'm interested to see if Forest's recovery in the second half of the season gets them a play-off place. All depends on the final match. Up here, Lancaster are struggling a bit, but Morecambe have made play-offs for a League 2 place next season. It would be a great achievement, and good for the town. Apart from that, we just have to feel for the metatarsally challenged England team.

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