Monday, April 03, 2006

It never rains but it ...

Apparently there's a drought. At least in the south of England there's a drought. Up here in Lancaster a better word would be quagmire. Just to give you some idea, I walked my dog along the top of a hill just behind our house. The sun had been shining all day, but even at the top of the rise it was very soft going, and you could hear the water draining out of the soil with gentle clicks and gurgles. Any serious activity in a field round here, and it would be reduced to those scenes of mud on grainy photos from the Somme.

So if we have lots of water, and the south east has none, why is it beyond 21st century technology to move it from one place to the other? I suppose no-one has enough interest in the national picture to invest in pipelines or whatever else it requires. Time for lateral thinking here. How about sending spare water down the canal system? Mind you, would you want to drink it afterwards?

The moral of the story is, if you want a lush green lawn without the use of a hosepipe, move to the north-west.


St said...

Have you noticed that everyone in terraced streets, such as mine, has turned their front garden (with lawn) into a concrete or tarmac or brick car-run. So when it rains the water goes down the drain, into the river and out to sea rather than soaking into the land.

emma said...

We were talking about this at home recently and came to the conclusion that while a national grid type system for water seems like a good idea - southern people can drink etc etc, why should we share our water so that they can drink and they still get all the sunshine? No, they can keep their sun if they like, and their dirty cars and brown lawns, we might have grey skies up here but at least our cars are clean and our lawns green!