Monday, February 13, 2006

Community or chaos?

I am beginning to get the hang of the interface for this blogging business, and I have also noticed some people making arguments which are apologies for blogs, or at least justification. Just how do you share in "real" conversations that you are a blogger?

Being an Anglican I ought to write a liturgy

The Lord be with you
And with your typing

Lift up your fingers
We lift them to our keyboard

Let us share our thoughts with total strangers
And may we suffer no humiliation

Apologies to non-Anglican or indeed non-Christian readers.

The question I am pondering is whether blogging is ultimate post-modernism - individualistic, I create my own universe, no meta-narrative, etc, etc. Or is it a new kind of being community - all sorts of links to people that I couldn't envisage any other way.

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