Saturday, December 04, 2010

Technology, iTunes and funerals

On Friday I met up with a family to arrange a forthcoming funeral service. They were great to talk to, and we ended up talking for an hour and a half. During our chat, we discussed possible options for music to be played at the beginning and end of the service at the crematorium, and once we had identified the songs, there was the question of which versions of the songs to use. After some discussion, it occurred to me that I could look up iTunes on my phone and play some samples. After a little searching we listened to some versions of the songs in question and sorted it out in a few minutes. I just had to download the tracks and burn a CD.

It would never have occurred to me beforehand to have done that, or even that it might be appropriate, but actually a bit of technology helped to put everyone's mind at rest. Hopefully everything will work fine on the day too.

I'll post what they chose after the service has taken place. What would you choose?
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Dr Moose said...

Not a choice for my funeral, but entirely the right one in context was Guns and Roses, Paradise City (on the way out of church)...

Mike Peatman said...

That's a brilliant choice. Love it.