Friday, November 12, 2010

Elgar on BBC4

English composer Edward Elgar, likely in the e...Image via WikipediaAlthough I will be over in church for some music he probably wouldn't approve of, I'll be recording the BBC4 programme on Edward Elgar this evening. One of my precedessors as Rector of Morecambe Parish Chuch, Canon Gorton, befriended Elgar and persuaded him to take part in the Morecambe Music Festivals. All this was at the turn of the 19/20th century. Elgar stayed here in the Rectory, and it's been fun to speculate whether the bedroom locally referred to as 'the Elgar room' is actually the one. I have sometimes wondered if he was thinking about any of his famous works as he looked out across the garden.
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St said...

Should we look forward to seeing you on TV? When?

Mike Peatman said...

No - sadly I won't feature, but it's just possible there may be a mention of Morecambe. It's on BBC4 this evening at 7-30pm, but is then repeated about 4 times I think