Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Living Stones

The cartoons of Dave Walker always capture brilliantly the more absurd side of church life. It was good to come across this one again

So it was with some trepidation that I led our all-age service on Sunday. We used the idea of living stones to think about what the community of the church should be like, but illustrating that was quite a challenge. Dead stones was easy - a giant Jenga set, courtesy of the scout headquarters fulfilled that need. Every stone in its fixed place, inflexible, only aware of its immediate neighbours, and likely to topple if one or two foundation pieces get removed.

Trying to get the idea of living stones into a physical object proved more difficult until we remembered the giant bean bag. It seemed to work - every bean matters - they are dynamic, adaptable to new circumstances, constantly circulating. Ok the analogy breaks down after a bit, but it got the point across.

Finally everyone had to find 3 people they didn't know - an extended exercise during the Peace involving name stickers and then sitting in a different seat for a new perspective. The choir were great - they mingled too, and for the next bit of the service were scattered around the church (a few brave non-choir people even sat in the choir pews)

Feedback was very positive, especially considering we had taken people out of their comfort zone, and hopefully some new links were made that will help to build community and relationships.

If only Dave had been there - I'm sure he could have made a great cartoon out of it all.

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