Friday, September 03, 2010

Christian apps

A few months ago I spent some money I'd been given in lieu of a birthday present on an iPod Touch (16Gb by the way) It now serves as my diary, address book, to do list, Bible, and if I've got a Wifi connection I can check email, Facebook, Twitter, news headlines, etc. Nothing especially novel there I hear you say. In fact, I can now see why people get iPhones, given the extra flexibility it gives of not having to be near a Wifi connection.

However, here are three useful apps I have found, relating to my work as a minister.

Biblereader from Back in my Palm using days, I used this, but the iPod/iPhone implementation works really well. You can even display the same text in parallel versions, Greek, Hebrew, the lot. Reader is free, as are a number of non-copyright texts, and you simply pay for the other versions you require.

Methodist. Yes, I know I'm an Anglican, but it's a good and free app. News, thought and prayer for the day, Bible studies, podcasts and more.

My Diocese. An app which gives news from various dioceses of the Church of England, daily prayers and readings, information about the church, and you can locate your local churches. Not all Dicoeses (including mine) involved yet, but hopefully will develop into a comprehensive resource in the future. Well done Guildford Diocese for getting this off the ground.

Also a big thank-you to Simon Kershaw for his work in making PDA lectionaries you can load into Outlook and iCal. Synched to my iPod Touch, that means I always have the readings of the day and the Sunday and festival collects without even needing a book.

Any other suggestions out there?

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