Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Greenbelt 2010

Just back from my second Greenbelt. Around 1979/80, various friends told me I should go, and sure enough I should have gone - U2 played. But having come to it late, the festival certainly continues to deliver at all sorts of levels.

Richard Rohr - who manages to be innovative, Franciscan, Emergent, spiritual and still lead retreats gave some inspiring words. Stanley Hauerwas provided a fascinating analysis of 'America's God', and the music, comedy and talks all could have filled the days.

An extra treat was when an unbilled Tom Hollander turned up for the day and joined in the 'in conversation' with James Wood, the writer of "Rev". 900 of us watched 12 mins of clips first, and that was the first time they had experienced audience reaction in that way. Lots of real Revs there and we liked it. The big surprise for them was the cheer for Colin.

All this and the best range of food stalls I have ever seen - including the fabulous Tiny Tea Tent. Nights were cold, but the experience was great.

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