Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Train Journeys

Full marks to Northern Trains, Virgin and B- to First Great Western. I went down to see Steve in Nailsea last week, and did the whole thing by train from Morecambe. Everything ran on time except the FGW bit from Temple Meads to Nailsea, which ran late in both directions.

Couldn't help wondering if the Morecambe ticket office has ever sold a return from Morecambe to Nailsea and Backwell before. It won't be the most obscure train journey, but it can't be a frequent occurrence.


Steve Hayes said...

How much did it cost?

Just yesterday I was thinking that soon no one will remember the old Southern Region British Railways coaches with their dingy green. But at least they were affordable!

Mike Peatman said...


Steve Hayes said...