Sunday, May 09, 2010

An Eventful Saturday

It was quite a day. The morning was filled with the Run 4 the World fun run. R4TW is organised by Martin Bateman, and runs took place on the same day all around the world. 3/4 of the money raised goes to 3 projects around the world, with 25% going to a local concern. Morecambe Promenade saw 240 runners (the biggest single group worldwide) and so far nearly £4,000 raised. I foolishly ran most of the 5km and the legs are suffering now. Maybe next year I'll actually prepare for it. Respect to the front guys who did it in 18 minutes or so, especially with the wind against us in the 2nd half.

Then in the afternoon, off to Christie Park to witness Morecambe beating Aldershot 1-0 to get into the play-offs. Gary Hunter nicely tapping in a Paul Mullin cross sealed the deal. Morecambe actually finished 4th, so get the second leg of the semi-final at home. Didn't expect that earlier in the season. It was originally to be the final game at the old ground, but now there will be one more. Biggest crowd since the 1940s gave it a fantastic atmosphere. League 1 for the new ground? It's still possible.

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