Monday, February 08, 2010

Back to blogging. The tables turned

The date of my last blog entry gives away the fact that the last three weeks have occupied all of my spare energy. I have been torn between wanting to blog something about the fact that my mum died on 21 Jan, and not putting stuff that's too personal online. I know people use blogs as therapy, but that's not my style.

As friends and family will know, mum died quite suddenly, in the midst of what seemed a very good recovery from surgery. Mum fell just before Christmas, breaking her femur, close to the hip joint. Surgery followed (on Christmas Day!) to fit a dynamic hip screw. All seemed to be well after 2 weeks in hospital, so she came home to us at Morecambe for a week. Having negotiated the house successfully, I tooker her and Dad home. A week later she collapsed and died.

It's been a bit odd being on the family side of arranging a funeral. I think I have taken somewhere around 400-450 during my ordained life, but this was different. Half of me knew the questions that would need to be addressed; this time it was me and Dad answering. In the event we had excellent support and care from Chilwell Road Methodist Church in Beeston, Nottingham. Mum was a member there, and her minister, Chris Gray, arranged the service with us. I was able to say something, and Jono played for one of the songs (Be Still for the Presence of the Lord, which was a favourite of Mum's.)

What I hadn't realised what just how tiring it all is. Obviously you don't sleep quite so well, but once we got the other side of the funeral and the tea that followed, I felt more tired than I can remember. It's certainly given me a very different perspective on the bereaved people I will have to deal with in the future. You can't imagine it until it happens, I suppose.

Thanks to everyone who has sent messages, cards and greetings. Our church community has been great, too. Hopefully we will be business as usual before too long.

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liz said...

Mike, sending Scottish hugs - though I know you can get those at home! Take care, mate.

St said...

So sorry, as you know. Welcome back. Missed you.

Mike Peatman said...

starting to surface. Thanks

Simon Nicholls said...

Mike, So sorry to hear about your mum. Welcome back to blogland. Every blessing.