Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Teccie Clergy Only

OK. This is for teccie clergy, ordinands and other churchy geeks. Apologies to the vast majority of humanity who don't fit those categories!

Just to say that Simon Kershaw has made PIM/PDA versions of the C of E Common Worship Lectionary available online. You can get versions for Microsoft Outlook (csv), Apple iCal (ics), Palm Datebook and for other vCalendar compatible calendar applications. He even provides instructions for importing into Microsoft Entourage on a Mac (a workaround using iCal)

You can also now choose how much data to import - both in terms of dates and also whether you just want lectionary or the collect/post-communion prayers. I went for Sundays, major and lesser festivals, lectionary and collects. It all imported into iCal fine, and then synched over into my iPod Touch. I could almost lead a service straight off the screen!

In the case of iCal you can also choose to synchronise with the online version, which means any errors and omissions which get corrected in the 'master copy' are automatically updated.


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