Wednesday, April 15, 2009


On the news today, there was a story that satisfactory would no longer be good enough for reports on school pupil behaviour.

Now unless I have it wrong, satisfactory means good enough in English. Time to readjust the score sheet, not redefine the language

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Emma said...

I agree. Satisfactory seems to have moved from 'good enough' to 'not quite good enough'. It's the same in terms of Ofsted reports. There's such a huge gap between satisfactory, good and outstanding that it's almost not satisfactory to get satisfactory. Bizarre.

St said...

Lake Wobegon - where all the children are above average.

Stephen said...

Maybe OFSTED should change to categories to Good, Bad and Ugly. Think these categories would fit a lot of schools!!!

Emma said...

Are you going to suggest rating teachers as Good, Bad or Ugly too, Stephen?!!

liz said...

This would never get past Scottish Education chiefs - where "no' bad" is a compliment much better than satisfactory!

Mike Peatman said...

Nice one, Liz.

The English scale ought to include:

mustn't grumble
could be worse
good enough


now you're showing off.