Monday, March 16, 2009

Church on Sunday

Attended worship at Lancaster Priory again on Sunday as Debbie was preaching. (Excellent sermon by the Rev Mrs on cleansing of the Temple in John 2) The Priory has a strong choral tradition, so not really my cup of tea, but they do it very well.

As is the case in many such churches, the notice sheet gives the music used in various parts of the communion service. One section was credited as Wood in the Phrygian mode, which immediately made me think of fitted kitchens with marble tops and Neff ovens. 'Would you like wood in the Phrygian mode, sir, or perhaps a fridge in oak mode?'

Evensong was due to feature How in A flat. Go on, make up your own question, e.g. "How in a flat did they score 4 against Man Utd?" etc.

What is it about Christian music that lends itself to humour? Takes me back to student era sniggers about You shall go out with Joy (she was the pianist) and to cap it all Lord, you put a tongue in my mouth (yes it's a real song in Songs of Fellowship) It gets worse - the next two verses say he put hands on my arms and feet on my legs. Take a look if you don't believe me.

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Emma said...

She is my mother! I used to sing 'You shall go out with mummy' and my friend sang 'you shall go out with emma's mum' (tricky to fit those words in I assure you - adds to the challenge!)

What about that awful fruits song that has 'his banana over me is love' in it?