Sunday, February 01, 2009

The kindness of strangers

Just about to go home at the end of Inspire, our Sunday night worship / fellowship time. A good crowd in this week, and it seemed to go very well.

Having a chat afterwards with a few folks and my mobile went off. It turned out that one of our students had found my PDA near a photocopier, checked the name, found me on facebook and the website, and then phoned my work mobile. He then arranged to meet me a few minutes later to hand it back.

The person who contacted me was one of our Muslim students. I hope and pray that Christians would be as conscientious, honest and kind were the situation reversed.


Emma said...

That's some effort he went to! Had you noticed it was missing?

Mike Peatman said...

No. I realised I didn't have it on me at InSpire, but I assumed I had left it at home. He was a star, sorting me out like that.