Saturday, November 01, 2008

Wossy, Brand etc

Nothing new to say on this. It's just amazing what a spectacular own goal this has turned out to be for these two and for the BBC. It wasn't the four-letter words (plenty of those around with a strangely inconsistent bleeping policy), and the "Satanic Sluts" were always going to attract some attention (which must the purpose of their name). If they had pranked Georgina Baillie herself, it's unlikely any of this would have happened.

It was the sight of a rather bewildered, gentle and forgiving Andrew Sachs that sealed their fate. He didn't want revenge, prosecution or compensation; he just called it a mistake. When the public realised that the man who brought us Manuel - a comic icon - had been hassled, they decided 'edgy' humour had become tacky harassment.

At least we can now get back to ultimately important stuff at the top of the news, like the crisis in the DRC, the US election, global financial meltdown, Iraq, Afghanistan and the precarious environment.

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