Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mixed football fortunes

Today was a bit of a disaster. Went to Morecambe-Cheltenham and it was called off after 64 minutes due to the fog. That's the second abandoned match I've been to there and I don't go very often.

However, great performance by Eastwood Town FC. I lived there for 4 years when a curate, and the ground was at the end of the garden of a good friend. 2-0 win over Wycombe and a chance of a big club going to Coronation Park. Great stuff for a team from the 7th tier of English football.

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St said...

Boxing Day 1993. West Brom v Chester. Fog. Could only tell from the chants from the far end that:

1. We'd hit the bar.
2. We'd missed a penalty.
3. Their keeper was only booked not sent off.
4. We scored. Paul Raven, header from a corner.

We had some carol sheets and sang a few verses when we were bored, although the King was Super Bobbie Taylor not Jesus.

Stewart Naylor, our bored keeper, gave us a bit of a commentary too as he could just about see.

Pual Raven scored an identical goal in the second half, which was kind of him, and we won 2-0.

I remember it better than some matches I saw all of.