Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Freshers Week 3

Thursday was relatively straightforward - a soup-giving session, again proving popular with students, staff and the guys on the building site. "Why are you doing this?" is a popular question. We avoid saying "because Jesus loves you" because it wouldn't do any good. Instead we rely on the fact that if we can be hospitable, they will draw their own conclusions. "because we want people to feel welcome in their first week on campus" or words to that effect is the best reply.

In the evening, went to Christian Union. Felt old, as I usually do. Quite a few students there, plus some workers from a local church. Sound system didn't do the worship leader any favours, and we finished at 10pm, but people seemed to have a good time. Got home at 10-45 exhausted from a long day.

Friday - morning prayer (teaspoon prayer, thanks to Rachel and Gemma) and soup again. Didn't manage the CU lunch bar, as preparations for the afternoon & evening took over. Concert rehearsals in chapel, followed by a concert on Saturday. Wasn't involved, but had to make sure Chapel was OK. Spent Saturday trying to retrieve the garden from chaos.

After Saturday's relief. Sunday started on campus at 8-30am. Chap Centre lock broke, but a friendly on-site estates guy climbed through the prayer room window to release the Yale lock. A good crowd came for breakfast, where we signposted some local churches, and people went their various ways. Sunday lunch in Wetherspoons afterwards with many of them, then setting up for the second Inspire. Well over 40 turned up, so there was a good buzz to the place, and Steve Charman led us in an excellent evening on 'What is worship'. Especially liked the Dave Walker cartoons.

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