Saturday, September 20, 2008

Freshers Week 1

A week on, I wanted to document the week. I'll do it in bits to be manageable (and readable)

Sunday - new students arrive. The plan: a stand in the induction process with 2 staff giving out leaflet and Chaplaincy drinks coaster / beer mat. Meanwhile we offer hospitality in Chapel. Spot flaw in induction process - we are with SDAS (student support and advice) and we are at the end of the process. They are supposed to collect relatives from the coffee room next to us and then go. People will find ways of jacking that and heading off to their rooms direct. Other staff don't believe me. A lot of leaflets aren't collected. Struggle not to say "I told you so" (except to blogosphere) However, meet some lovely people and look forward to a good term.

In the evening, we launch InSpire. Contemporary worship with an emphasis on creativity and varied ways of sharing, learning and praying. Nearly 30 turn up, which is great for the first night. Go to bed knackered but encouraged.

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