Wednesday, June 11, 2008

"Revival" Link

Have been asked to provide links to Mr Bentley, but it's not for the faint-hearted.

A video compiled by someone obviously not sympathetic can be found here. This is the video where God apparently told him to commit violent acts to heal people.

A sample of continuous God TV stuff is here. Not violent, just self-indulgent.

Makes me embarrassed to be a charismatic!


Matthew McMurray said...

Is it the Spirit of God? I don't know. The music certainly made me feel a large degree of 'spiritual' relaxation.

The thing that I am aware of is that people will usually come from two perspectives. One will say that this is hyped, manipulated self-indulgence: others will say that this is absolutely definitely of God. I am not too sure. The clips about the acts of violence is worrying and it does seem at odds with anything we read in Scripture.

I tend to believe that God will be found (or rather will reveal himself) too all who seek him be that at a Solemn Mass or in a meeting such as this one.

The question for me, I suppose, is 'are we seeking?'.

Matthew McMurray said...

What do you think?

For me, it reminded of why I stopped attending the charismatic church I attended in Bristol.

Mike Peatman said...

I don't see how assaulting someone can be an act of healing. The self-aggrandisement is not uncommon, but the relishing of kicking, shaking and hitting people is terrifying

Matthew McMurray said...

I agree. I would be interested to hear what those he committed these acts of violence have to say. I can't believe that these people didn't leave the meeting there and then.

It is a bizarre self-aggrandisement because he keeps stopping to give the glory to Jesus. It just doesn't seem to match with my experience of faith and God.

Simon Nicholls said...

Disturbing stuff. Just as worrying is the audience that seems to lap this up, and the comments that seem to regard this as not only acceptable, but even desirable, behaviour. Very worrying.