Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Leavers Celebration

Today was this years' celebration for leaving students in Chapel. Despite some difficulties, we actually had quite a good crowd, albeit down from last year. Two excellent interviews (thank you Heather and Bryony) and good support on music (Cat, Ali and Kate).

It's a strange time - saying goodbye to people you bump into again for a few days, and then one day you realise they aren't around any more. It would be much easier if they all got on a bus at the same time and we could wave them off. Then we would know where the boundaries are!

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Emma said...

And then some of them you think you've waved off and then they come back... and back... and back again!

It's odd saying goodbye to people when you don't really know when the last time you will see them will be. It's a sad time saying goodbye at the end of the year.