Saturday, June 07, 2008

Full of Contradictions

I love the Church of England's crazy logic. Saw a job advertised in the church press the other day. The parish was described as 'in favour of the the ordination of women. Resolution B passed'

Resolution B was introduced when women were ordained priest to enable objecting church councils to say they don't want a woman vicar.

So how in favour are they?


Emma said...

In favour of the ordination of women. But not in our church thank you very much. Though I can see it's rather lovely over there!

Alternatively, it could read "we passed resolution B some time ago and it's proving a bit of a swine to overturn"

Mike Peatman said...

Is that local knowledge or just a very good guess? :)

Emma said...

Educated guess. With maybe a bit of local knowledge thrown in depending on what parish it is!!