Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Is Hillary getting desperate?

Looking from a distance over the pond, I have always instinctively had an affinity with Democrat politicians in the US. My socialism is a rather faded shade of red, but politically that's where I have always been. It's been quite exciting to see two very different but new candidates for the nomination for president in the US - an African American and a woman, and I'm not surprised it's been so close.

That makes it all the more shocking that Mrs Clinton has resorted to the race card in her desperate attempts to keep her own nomination campaign on track. If I heard her right in an interview recently broadcast, she was effectively saying that a black candidate was not electable as president, and therefore she should be the nominee.

So because there are people out there who are racially prejudiced, that should limit Mr Obama's aspirations and potential? I wonder what Martin Luther King would have said to that?


Jonathan said...

And the other worst thing she said was threatening to obliterate Iran. I am slightly right-of-centre (would probably support McCain) but this was a hideous, evil thing to say.

Mike Peatman said...

Yep, that's scary too - much more scary than someone saying they would talk to Hamas!