Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Contradictory food

Had coffee and cake at the excellent Wallings Farm at Cockerham today. It comes fully recommended - from the ice cream (made on-site) shop, to the local produce shop and the excellent locally resourced restaurant (they talk about food yards rather than food miles!). More than worth the 10 minute drive from Lancaster.

Noticed on the menu a reference to a dish prepared from rare breed lamb. Couldn't help being amused by the thought that eating it ought to make it even more rare! Of course I know that demand for the meat in the restaurant is precisely the reason it's not completely extinct as a breed, but couldn't help having a little (discreet) chuckle.


Hannah said...

Thanks for the tip off about this place Mike, was taking some friends to lovely Lancaster yesterday and one of them is on crutches couldn't think of anywhere nice in Lancaster for lunch without a big walk to it, so we went here on the way to Lancaster!! Was very yummy and just my sort of place.

Have promised the other half I'll take him sometime!!!

Anonymous said...

Or indeed a very short cycle ride; if we're talking about food miles :)

Mike Peatman said...

I've been waiting for someone to spot that contradiction!