Friday, February 15, 2008

Dwain Chambers and forgiveness

Just witnessed the most unforgiving group of people on Question Time (including an Anglican Bishop who uttered the words there is no forgiveness... before being cut off by Dimbleby). The consensus was that there should be no way back to sport for Dwain Chambers. Unbelievably, he was put on a par with Kate Moss, who took cocaine, but retained her place as Rimmel model.

Let's be clear: drugs are wrong. Artificial enhancement of performance is wrong. The 2 year ban may have been too short. BUT I believe in repentance and forgiveness. This man has changed his ways, renounced the use of performance enhancing drugs, and won races. Can't he have another chance?

Role model was used in the punitive rhetoric. What is better? Making a mistake, and being permanently excluded, with no incentive to resume life according to the laws and principles of society (and sport) or the example of someone who made a mistake, changed and found acceptance? If there is no forgiveness for mistakes, what hope is there for any of us?

Just needed to rant. Sorry if I intruded in your space.


liz said...

Mike, you are so right to rant. I spent quite a time today with a couple I am marrying in the summer, both unable to be married in their unforgiving church. If we can't do it (forgiveness), who can?

Anonymous said...

I think there has been a lack of forgiveness re Chambers but I think he hasn't helped. In none of the interviews that I've seen has he really seemed repentant. He can't run in the Olympics so why is he not stepping aside for the world indoor championships to allow other young athletes the necessary preperation? Forgiveness is important but regards the role model - he's not good.