Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Anyone who knows me will be aware of my complete inability to understand the attraction of smoking - the smell, addiction, cost, health risks, sharing space with relatives who smoked, etc convinced me never to start somewhere around 1975. The smoking ban in enclosed spaces has been a real plus for me as a result - especially going in pubs without having to wash all clothing immediately afterwards. Ironically, one of the consequences is that I encounter much more cigarette smoke in the street from displaced smokers!

Meanwhile, cigarette butts are apparently filling our world. See here for details

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Emma said...

I completely agree. It was a shock the other day when I came home from visiting a friend and had to think for a minute to work out why my coat stunk of smoke until I realised her mum smokes. It's so nice to go out to the pub and breathe in clean air. And I always feel a little bit smug when I see a group of scantily clad people huddled outside a club in the cold having a fag :)