Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Changing Culture

I'm starting to conclude that our marketing department may need a resident satirist in order to really win against the prevailing public mood. In the wider community of Lancaster, mention of the University of Cumbria usually generates a knowing smile, and sometimes people fake a "St Marti.. I mean University of Cumbria" type comment. Employees of another large HE institution nearby seem particularly keen on doing this.

I always felt that the current strapline "bring your dreams" was susceptible to the b r & g being removed, and sure enough it apparently actually happened recently to one of our fleet cars. The latent hippy in me also thought that lots of green leaves and students looking dreamy had potential for misunderstanding.

Personally I think next year's publicity should have a Lake District hilly theme - plenty of scope for "getting to the top", "reaching the summit", "go to another level" etc. Just avoid "climb every mountain". Needs a satirist to spot that, you see...

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