Thursday, November 01, 2007


Blackpool Illuminations 2006Image by Teckie Kev via Flickr
Took some students, including one of our international students (Russian) to Blackpool illuminations last night. I realised how difficult it is to explain Blackpool to someone from overseas. A seaside resort in the north, and then lots of people come to it in late autumn. And who had the idea of putting a million light bulbs up over a 6 mile stretch for 2 months? Just goes to show the range of things we see but never question.

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Steve McMahon said...

I used to live in Fleetwood and work in St. Annes, so I had to drive through Blackpool every day.

They start putting the illuminations up in April - causing all sorts of traffic problems along the prom. Then, once they are up, you can't drive down the prom at any speed other than 1 mph because of the tourists gawping and the incandescent lamps.

After bonfire night they spend two weeks taking them down (more traffic chaos) and then start putting the Christmas lights up. By the end of January they have just finished taking these lights down so there are two months free from traffic problems.

Unfortunately, these sem to be the months than the sea breaks over the sea wall, the winds would put Michael Fish's forecasting to shame, so the prom is not useable anyway.

Rant over

Emma said...

Woo woo St. Annes!
Ehem. Sorry about that.
It's more appealing now that I don't live there :)

Hannah said...

I don't like how much they cost me a blackpool council tax payer!!!
I agree with steve about the driving thing aswell at 11:30pm on Friday night people were still driving at 10mph to look at them -I was not amused!!!

The African teachers I took couldn't get over them and as for the idea of a tram that moves along being lit up like a boat - well it was all too much!!!