Saturday, November 17, 2007


Just noticed on the sidebar that I only have one post labelled 'Bible', so here's another. Either I keep my Biblical musings to myself, I forget to use the label, or I am just not devout enough.

Don't answer that...

Actually I was secretly pleased with myself at CU on Thursday. I wasn't able to stay for the small groups bit of the evening, so I had a quick look at the sheet they were using. The passage was Mark 10:17-onwards, reproduced from the New Living Translation - the story of the rich young man. It opened saying that Jesus set off for Jerusalem. I was sure that wasn't in the text, and it isn't - not even in the NLT rendition of the passage (describes it as a 'trip' which makes it sound like a nice day out!). In fact from the context, it looks like Jesus was on his way to Jerusalem, so the insertion is a legitimate clarification. I was just a bit surprised that it wasn't made explicit in the print-out that it was an addition. If I was a real nerd I'd look up the textual variants in the Greek, but that would be showing off.

So, it turns out I'm more Biblical than my label count would imply!
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