Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Started with new brake disks for the car on Friday - at least it was under guarantee and therefore free. Also had an 'engine about to fail' light flashing, which they reassured me was not registering anything on the computer. Slightly alarming all the same.

The garage loaned me the new Daihatsu, called the Materia, which looks like something out of a Pokemon cartoon. Still it enabled me to do a couple of other jobs until the work was complete, and was huge inside, despite its relatively compact exterior. The rest of the day filled with admin & parental duties. The latter involving smuggling a hamster, cage and various pet-care kit to Gran's for 24 hours.

I spent Saturday morning with Debbie, but it's not as romantic as it sounds, setting off at 8-30am for Diocesan Synod in Lytham. It was the Diocesan budget & Deanery plans. It wasn't the most exciting meeting I have ever attended, but Debs came with me as she was being commissioned as a healing advisor for the Diocese, which is good. Late lunch was rapidly followed by preparations for Elspeth's birthday and for accommodating Keith, a friend from school days and also El's godfather. Keith's son has just started at Lancaster Uni.

Pizza was made and eaten during X-factor (I cooked being altogether less excited by the prospect). Keith + other son arrived in time for the rugby final, match was watched, son dropped off, Keith stayed with us, hamster was retrieved late at night from Gran's and presents wrapped and deployed.

Sunday started with Elspeth's excited awakening. Hamster slept, presents opened and appreciated, Keith fed and waved off as he went in search of hills to climb. Still got to Church for 10-30. Lunch was always going to be ad-hoc, but Paul and Noah joined us anyway. Guests for tea arrived at 3, followed by sleepover girls (2) at 4. Tea eaten, story read (thanks Emma) and games played, the evening followed. Sitting room went quiet. Checked the 3 girls (camped in sitting room) weren't watching an 18 movie when I encouraged lights off at 11-30pm(2 out of 3 being minister's daughters, it was a risk worth avoiding). Miraculously got some sleep. back to work Monday am, leaving Debs to field sleepy girls.

The worst they got up to was I-spy by torchlight... I think we made it through the weekend. Hamster still needs a name

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