Monday, October 29, 2007

Media Humanity

Enjoyed hearing some of Saturday Live, especially the moment when Fi Glover announced that the email address was, which is the Broadcasting House email address: the show she used to present. Nice to know you're human, Fi. No doubt an avalanche of email will follow.

And then Jeremy Clarkson was in awe of a guest for possibly the first time when Ron Wood of the Rolling Stones drove the reasonably priced car. I've never seen him star struck before, but he was obviously savouring being in the presence of a childhood hero. Made him quite human. Good lap time too, Ron.

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Steve McMahon said...

The Top Gear with Kritin Scott -Thomas was similar. Clarkson always goes on about her being the most beautiful woman in the world and was clearly in awe of her.

She clearly was not in awe of him....