Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Apple iRaq

Was sent this and had to share it.


St said...

Brilliant. Well found.

imagine a new world said...

Very funny. I do find it interesting how before the war anyone who didn't support it was labelled unpatriotic etc but now it's all change yet no-one is coming out and apologising for their attitudes before the war.

The bit that annoys me about the video is how much it shows the very prevalent attitude of blaming all the problems of Iraq on the government etc. The war was about oil - we all benefit from that oil and hate it when people say we should cut down - yet we seem unable to see that the result of our thirst for oil and a nice lifestyle is the cause of these kind of wars. It's all our faults.

Mike Peatman said...

True. But wars usually have several causes - Serbian nationalism, lots of superpowers with new toys, treaties that interlock many nations.

Iraq? Oil, The Bush family wanting another go, arms industry looking for contracts...? Plus some people genuinely thought the world would be a better place without Saddam

imagine a new world said...

Sure but most of those fundamentally come back to us - whether it's our drive for a better life for ourselves or for our failure to stand up for good. We need to critique governments etc but we also need to look at our own roles in the way the world works.