Friday, August 24, 2007

Cloudy Cars

Just had a jaw-dropping experience. Call to mind the sky on Teletubbies or similar children's show - pastel blue with fluffy clouds. Then imagine that printed on to a Citroen Xsara Picasso. It was quite a shock as I saw one coming up the drive, but these are the new fleet cars for the University of Cumbria.

I guess the thinking is that we'll certainly get noticed, and they're not wrong. (Maybe it's also playing to the cult following Teletubbies has amongst students!) Just hope they don't attract the wrong kind of attention.

Part of the main advertising surrounding the University is based on dreams - realising your dreams, and the new cars have 'bring your dreams'. Wondered if we ought to adopt Life in a Northern Town by Dream Academy as our theme song.


Chemical said...

Had a similar jaw dropping experience when driving up behind a car at the lights that had lettering across the back that read:

Warning: car being driven by a blind man

On overtaking (very carefully!)I noticed further lettering along the side advertised a local roller/venetian blind company.

Good marketing!

Andrew Whitehead said...

saw my first cloudy car yesterday - surreal!