Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Had a meeting in Carlisle yesterday, which took out a fair chunk of the day if you include the travel (8-30am to 2-30pm). It's an inevitable part of being a spread-out institution. As a Chaplain, however, it's proving to be quite good, provided I get in on some car-sharing. The conversation we had covered a lot of things going on in College that people were concerned about, and it was good to hear them and listen to people's worries.

Obviously I don't want people to experience it as being confined in a tin box with someone who will shove religion at them, but it's proving to be a very helpful way of engaging with and listening to people's stresses and worries.


Steve McMahon said...

Funnily enough, I had a meeting in Carlisle yesterday too. What a compact world we live in.

Emma said...

Sounds like the Peatple are having a really manic time of it at the moment! Hope it all calms down soon! Nearly holidays! :)

Mike Peatman said...

Those hols do seem a long way off, or at least there's a mountain of stuff between now and then.