Monday, June 04, 2007

Trinity Sunday

Had an interesting challenge on Sunday morning - to try and make sense of Psalm 8 as a Messianic Psalm as the first in a mini-series on such texts (the next person has Ps 22). It's funny - I felt distinctly 'off-form' preparing and preaching on it. There's lots there, but I struggled to find the spark I need to preach a sermon that gets near to meeting my internal standards.

I think the central problem was that I wanted to preach on it both as a Psalm in its own right in its original context, and on the extra layers of meaning the New Testament gives it. I ended up preaching on Psalm 8 with a summary of a sermon on Hebrews 2 packed in. It didn't work for me, and I'm not convinced it connected very well, either. Quite enjoyed wrestling with the text, though.


Matthew McMurray said...

No mention of the Trinity then???

Mike Peatman said...

There was in the songs, the intro to confession, intercessions, proper preface and blessing, and (of course) I also referred to it in the sermon.