Saturday, June 23, 2007


The saying goes that time flies when you are having fun. Just at the moment, it seems to be flying, regardless. I have been trying to work out why I feel the busiest I have been all term, just as everyone is disappearing, and the student programmes are coming to an end.

Part of the reason is that I crammed some extra stuff into this part of the year, notably two Café Creates in the space of three weeks. Not doing that again! Another major factor is that we are in the process of recruiting, or preparing to recruit for two Chaplaincy posts, and there aren't a lot of other people in the organisation who are in a position to work on this. There has at least been some interest in the assistant post, so that's encouraging. Meanwhile I've got a few days to sort an advert for the Ambleside Chaplaincy.

The third factor is the change to the University of Cumbria, especially as most people I meet who are not directly involved don't seem to have absorbed what it's all about. I get lots of questions along the lines of, "so will you still be St Martin's, then?". Changing a name (and to use the awful marketing term, brand) is a challenging enough process internally, but the wider community will certainly take a while to adjust. I can imagine schools and hospitals being phoned about placements from the UoC, and it requiring a "used to be St Martin's" type conversation to clarify it.

We'll know things are getting there when the brown signs in town no longer have 'University' pointing towards Lancaster University, but actually specify which University they are referring to.

Anyway, I am sure this time next year we'll all feel a bit clearer and on top of things.

Famous last words...


Emma said...

Ha! Clearer and on top of things at St Martins?! Oh, I mean University of Cumbria....!! All the best for the busy time! Any mundane office jobs I can help with just pass my way - I'm not exactly busy at the moment! Will pop in after Ripley assembly on Friday and give an administrative hand if you'd like.

Matthew McMurray said...

I am glad that there is some interest for my former post. I am sure you will enjoy having somebody not quite so 'high'.