Monday, June 11, 2007

Safari 3

Just downloaded a beta version of Safari 3 - the latest Mac web browser. The difference is that it is now available for Windows. haven't tried that version yet, but all seems well under Mac OSX. It seems to cope with rendering websites better than its predecessors, and it is also more compatible. For example the Blogger interface I am using now had only very limited text functions in previous versions, which is one reason I switched to Firefox 2. (IE for Mac is no longer being developed). Now the interface has all the same features.

Not sure it will lure Windows users very quickly, although it does seem fast (but speed is so heavily affected by connection and processor), has the same brushed metal finish as iTunes, if looks matter to you, as well as some other goodies. I guess most people will judge it on stability, security and reputation. Early signs are promising, but the other players have a huge head start.


McRand said...
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Mike Peatman said...

Just to say Safari 3 does seem quicker, although I didn't really expect to notice that. I'll give an update once I install the Windows version.

No bugs yet.