Friday, June 29, 2007

Brian McLaren

Am currently enjoying Generous Orthodoxy by Brian McLaren.

He puts into words very well some of the problems I share with him about some of the ways Christianity is preached and taught. It's a very good presentation of the problems outsiders have with Christians. and also many of the problems some of us on the 'inside' also have. He maps a very good course of looking at the best in most traditions, and also how some of the abuses, extremes and silliness can be avoided. Especially helpful for those of us who grew up in an evangelical setting, but feel alienated by some of that tradition's modern manifestations


liz said...

Mike, you're talking to me - someone who grew up in evangelical tradition but now feels alienated. Been thinking for a while about delving into Brian McLaren - you've just given me another incentive. cheers.

Mike Peatman said...

It was so good to read a book, where I kept feeling: 'yes I feel like that, too'. While I was still at theological college, most of us wanted to find out about other traditions and learn from them. (It was partly a legacy of the 70s charismatics who were very into breaking barriers down.

The polarisation that I have seen since then is such a tragedy - even more so because I know some of the people. Brian McLaren should be a good place for you start (and seeing Rob Bell)