Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Morecambe 2 : York City 1

What an fantastic occasion it was yesterday. Christie Park was packed with over 5,500 fans as Morecambe sought to make it to a play-off final, and what's more, to become one of the first teams to play at the new Wembley.

The game didn't start well for them - York looked good and Morecambe were messy. Then Morecambe's keeper, Drench collided with York City's Donaldson. The ref judged it a foul and awarded a penalty, but didn't give Drench a red card, which is just as well, as he had suffered enough dislocating his elbow and having to leave the pitch on a stretcher. The sub keeper, Davies, then had to face (and concede) the penalty and then play the rest of one of the most important matches Morecambe have ever had.

I'm not a great expert on commentary, but after that Morecambe got on top of the game, generated chances and were rewarded with a goal in each half from Curtis. The first headed home, and the second was almost comical. Two shots from Curtis were save, with the ball coming nack to him both times. At this point, he looped the ball over the keeper and defenders. After that they were the better team, although the sub goalie had to do a very competent job with some shots and crosses. Chris Blackburn had a great game in defence and deservedly won man of the match.

One game from the league - although not a genuine fan, I do hope they can make it.

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