Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Lent Blog: stardate supplementary

I have to prepare a Holy Week meditation today. We're working through a sequence of characters who are bit parts in the Gospel of Mark. I have a bit of flexibility as I can do anything on a soldier. I am even allowed a composite character

Thinking of doing something on the way that when the soldiers treat Jesus badly, they dehumanise themselves, based on Mk 15:16-20. Looking to use some war imagery to suggest that the same pattern occurs again and again. Society requires men to switch off part of their humanity in order to do a job on our behalf. Trying to put some Vietnam images together and maybe even use some 60s music. The war looks modern enough to be close, but is enough in the past to avoid the meditation becoming highly politicised.

Just wondering about 'Universal Soldier' by Donovan as the piece of music.
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