Sunday, April 15, 2007

Holiday Club

We gave up using produced Holiday Club resources a few years go, as they deterioriated in quality. This year's was one of our best - Pirates of the Kingdom. It's been an exhausting week, not least today when we took down all the decorations, which included using a 30' scaffolding tower to take down the sails. (I don't have the head for heights required to go up, but I did a lot of carrying!

Then we had to put the chairs back. This morning we had the chairs laid our differently to provide a lot more space at the front, and I was particularly proud of producing a viable char arrangement that only reduced the 'on-chair' seating by 3. The kids were all on the floor at the front anyway, so I actually increased the capacity. An achievement which only certain types of people could savour.

Anyway, back to the important stuff - lots of excellent feedback, and I had a great time leading thte house band, the Cutlass Brothers. Some people found the name funny even though they hadn't heard of the Scissor Sisters!

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