Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Dealing with invitations

Fairly regularly an invitation comes in to join one of the various networking / web social life groups like Bebo. I rashly joined Bebo for a bit and then got lots of inviations to be someone's friend. It looked like a way to generate a lot of email traffic, and probably spam, so in the end I deleted the account. After all, it's quite hard to know how to respond to a "be my Bebo friend" email. Yes might imply more than you intend, and no seems very unfriendly.

So is there an etiquette for these things? Blogs and websites I understand, but Bebo was just irritating (especially the 'missing you already' when you log out. It's a computer, not an emotionally vulnerable teddy bear)

Think I'll stick to blogging - I could never keep up the picture galleries, music lists, favourite ice cream flavours and all the other random sections anyway.

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Emma said...

I agree it is very irritating. I seem to be a member of every group going but purely for the reason that there are different people who use different systems for keeping in contact. What I would like to do is have a lot of money and then buy them all up and connect them all somehow so that you only have to be a member of one networking site instead of myspace and bebo and facebook and and and and