Friday, January 12, 2007


Yes, the Rev Peatman and I have been married now for fifteen years (hard to believe we're that old, I know). So to mark this we went to the wonderful Zeffirelli's cinema and restaurant in Ambleside. One of the great perks of living in Lancaster is that you can have an evening out in the Lake District!

The restaurant serves wonderful vegetarian Italian food, and has a great atmosphere and look. The website can give you menu, wine list, photos, etc. They have a £15-95 deal for two courses and a movie ticket with a reserved seat in the cinema. The cinemas are relatively small and cosy, very comfortable and with an excellent quality of sound and picture (which I only realised was digital when I walked close to the screen to leave at the end. No pixels at normal range). If you're in the Lakes, it's well worth an evening out.

The film? Miss Potter. Well what else do you go and see out of the current releases whilst in Ambleside? It's not a hugely demanding film, but it's beautifully shot, nicely performed and Renée Zellweger has a remarkably good English accent for a Texan. I also thought it was good that it's a PG (not quite sure why it isn't U) so that kids who like the books could go and see, although it's obviously not a aimed at children.
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