Friday, December 15, 2006

Lancaster Military Heritage Group Carol Service

Yes, that's what it is called! LMHG exists to foster good relations between the military and the community. I'm not quite sure of the origins of their carol service, but it alternates between Lancaster Priory (which has many military connections) and local churches. Because College campus was once a barracks, they wanted to come to Chapel. The congregation included the Mayor, various other dignitaries and Jimmy Armfield, one time England international, Leeds manager and currently 5 live commentator. I was impressed! Lots of Army and RAF cadets there too, of course.

Anyway, it all went off well. We had some biblical readings and a couple of wartime Christmas ones, and Mr Armfield read one chosen by me about the 1914 Christmas ceasefire. Almost feel famous by association.

I just think it's fascinating that all kinds of groups like this exist around the country and come together for events such as carol services. When they do, it's important that they experience some Christian hospitality and have an opportunity to hear something of the Christian message in an appropriate form. I have to say Bishop Geoff (new Bp of Lancaster) did an excellent job
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