Saturday, December 16, 2006

A day of disparate bits

Just wanted to log something today. I have done an online ASDA shop, moved furniture, cleared up, printed Christmas cards and congratulated John Pritchard, the new Bishop of Oxford on his appointment (he was my tutor at Cranmer Hall). Now I'm trying to find inspiration for the service tomorrow. Something interesting to prepare for Christmas for Encounter, which is a worship/teaching/breakfast happening for 11-16s at St Thomas', Lancaster that uses St Martin's Chapel.

PS to the Arthur and George entry. There is a Damaris discussion on it here, but it gives away some stuff I quite enjoyed discovering as I read the book, so beware


Hannah B said...

well your day of desperate bits certainly brightened up my Tuesday evening - -your christmas letter is a cracking good read (as they say in N.I) but what me and the other Boydy want to know is who will write them when (whisper the next bit!) Jasper is no longer resisent in your house? thanks for making me laugh

Mike Peatman said...

Glad you enjoyed it. Obviously it's too soon to discuss the long-term future of our letter yet! Ellie might take it on.