Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Alan Freeman RIP

One of the classic DJs of all time has died. Much parodied by Harry Enfield in his 'Smashie and Nicie' sketches (although Freeman happily appeared with them for Comic Relief) he defined an era of radio. He had jingles, bits of classical music, and a much livelier voice than the more staid tones of others of the time, like David Jacobs. On top of that, although he was the same age as my dad, he later had a heavy rock show on Radio 1!

I remember as a small child having an afternoon nap and going to sleep and waking up to his Sunday afternoon chart rundown. I suspect I slept through many classics! And the jingle he will always be associated with lives on in the classic chart show presented by...er Dale Winton(!)

The pop pickers will miss you, Alan. Not 'alf.
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Andrew said...

As a volunteer DJ with hosptial radio (although the only discs involved these days are hard discs), I echo your salute to the mighty fluff! His catchphrases will live on in the ears of hospital patients for many years.

St said...

I missed the news of his death when it happened as I was on a quiet day. Sort of ironic. Chart show pants; rock show good. Respeck.